St. Paul, Minn. (Spring 2012) – Create harmonious color in your garden with Easy Elegance® Music Box Rose. This everblooming rose features creamy yellow blooms touched with delicate pink blends. The gorgeous, double flowers sit atop glossy medium green foliage. Music Box is the perfect accent plant to strike a chord in your garden.

Break out the bubbly! Adding Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes to your garden gives you one more reason to celebrate. Effervescent clusters of soft apricot buds open to full blooms in shades of antique white with a hint of apricot.  Champagne Wishes pairs perfectly with perennials.

Music Box and Champagne Wishes are both packed with the blooming power and disease resistance you’ve come to expect from the Easy Elegance Rose Collection. These aren’t your grandmother’s roses! Easy Elegance roses deliver stunning beauty without the constant pampering or the use of chemicals to keep the plant healthy. Each plant in the Easy Elegance Collection is as simple to grow as any flowering shrub. Easy Elegance roses are low-maintenance, hardy, disease- resistant plants that bloom all season long. And with more than 20 varieties to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect rose to add amazing color to your yard.

There are no chemicals used in the breeding or evaluation programs of Easy Elegance Roses. In fact, years before selection, these roses undergo rigorous testing. This includes purposely inviting diseases such as powdery mildew and black spot. Any rose that shows signs of disease is quickly eliminated from the program.

We’re so confident you’ll love Easy Elegance Roses, we offer a two-year guarantee.* Now there are no more excuses for not growing roses!

Easy Elegance® Music Box Rose, Rosa ‘BAIbox’ (PPAF)

  • •Own root
  • •Official Flower Color: Yellow blend
  • •Bloom Cycle: Everblooming
  • •Hardiness Zone: 4-9
  • •Height and Width: 3- to 4-feet
  • •Flower Form, Size: Double, 2-inches
  • •Petal Count: 30-35

Easy Elegance® Champagne Wishes Rose, Rosa ‘BAIcham’ (PPAF)

  • •Own root
  • •Official Flower Color: White
  • •Bloom Cycle: Recurrent
  • •Hardiness Zone: 4-7
  • •Height and Width: 3- to 4-feet
  • •Flower Form, Size: Full, 3-inches
  • •Petal Count: 24-31