St. Paul, Minn. (Spring 2012) – Create a stunning spring display with First Editions® Shining Sensation™ and Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela. Both varieties provide great garden color and are exceptionally easy to grow.

Shining Sensation Weigela gets its name from the plant’s shiny, burgundy leaves. The unique, glossy foliage serves as a beautiful backdrop for the pink, funnel-shaped flowers. Abundant blooms cover the plant in May and June, and are particularly attractive to hummingbirds. A stunning improvement over similar Weigela, Shining Sensation also features graceful arching stems that make it an interesting boarder plant.

Rainbow Sensation Weigela is a showstopper throughout the gardening season. This shrub’s amazing variegated foliage can brighten any area of your landscape even before it blooms. The lemony-green leaves are highlighted by compact clusters of soft pink flowers that appear in May. Perfect in a large container or in the garden, Rainbow Sensation is hardy and requires minimal care.

Look for First Editions Shining Sensation and Rainbow Sensation Weigela at better garden centers this spring.

First Editions® Shining Sensation™ Weigela

Weigela florida 'Bokrashine' PPAF

  • Full sun, Zone: 4-8
  • Height: 5- to 6-feet
  • Spread: 3- to 4-feet

First Editions® Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela

Weigela florida 'Kolmagira' PP20,384

  • Full sun, Zone: 4-8
  • Height: 3- to 4-feet
  • Spread: 3- to 4-feet