Easy Elegance Logo

We are extremely excited to announce the new identity and website for the Easy Elegance® Rose Collection. After more than 10 years of success in the marketplace and having spent much time in consumer research, we have chosen to adapt the brand statement to more clearly state how this collection of shrub roses creates a solution for the home garden.

“While we are re-launching the Easy Elegance® brand, Easy Elegance continues to deliver only the best varieties in the shrub rose category,” says Brand Manager Natalia Hamill. “The Easy Elegance collection is the result of years of targeted breeding and selection focused on repeat bloom, handsome foliage, gorgeous flowers and robust garden performance without the use of chemicals.”

  • We have found that many consumers are afraid to plant roses because they have the perception of being too difficult to grow and manage. In turn, our updated identity very clearly states that Easy Elegance® Roses are ROSES YOU CAN GROW™. This collection provides hardy, disease resistant and beautiful shrub roses in multiple colors, flower shapes and sizes in regional assortments to fit almost any garden. They stay healthy without chemicals and without all of the fuss.
  • The new website, www.EasyEleganceRoses.com, showcases updated images, rose descriptions, "how-to" guides and inspirational garden plans to help consumers utilize the plants in their gardens and landscapes.
  • We will be ramping up a full consumer advertising push in Spring 2016.
  • A new pot and tag are coming soon to make this launch cohesive and understandable to garden consumers.

Hamill continues by explaining that the “new marketing approach is designed to get the word out that Easy Elegance roses are reliable and beautiful without being hard to grow meeting the needs of homeowners that want to grow roses but are intimidated by their fear of failure or the perception that roses are a lot of work.” If you're looking for a fresh take on roses, try using Easy Elegance® Roses You Can Grow™.