December 23, 2015

First Editions® Leads Greenhouse Grower's Stories from 2015

First Editions® dominated the headlines this year in Greenhouse Grower's "Top 5 Retail Plant Stories of 2015" roundup. Leading the pack was their story on Crimson Fire™ and Sparkling Sangria™ Loropetalum. Coming in a close second was their 12 eye-catching shrubs of the year, which features a number of First Editions® varieties. Click on any of the previous links to read the articles in depth.

We are extremely excited about the advancements in breeding and introductions that First Editions® is able to offer the marketplace, and are grateful to these well-crafted trade publications for sharing the information with all of you. It's a great partnership that is a great service to our industry. Thank you to Carol Miller and the editorial team at Greenhouse Grower!

December 15, 2015

Bailey Nurseries' Takes on Pantone Colors of the Year

Greenhouse Grower

Every year, the Pantone Institute releases their Color of the Year. Well, this year they broke tradition and named TWO colors: Rose Quartz and Serenity. Well, we couldn't help but notice the immediate connection to Endless Summer® The Original! Bailey Nurseries' Public Relations & Communications Specialist Ryan McEnaney spoke with Greenhouse Grower about how we will utilize the Pantone Colors of the Year in our social media for 2016. Click HERE to read the full story.

All of our work to promote these colors and trends is to support your work at the retail level. Feel free to share our posts on social media or use these strategies in-store. Try using disruptive displays to catch shoppers' attention focusing on the "trendy" and "hot" colors of the season utilizing Endless Summer®. This will increase your impulse purchase, serve as a talking point and augment your bottom line! Any questions, feel free to reach out to Ryan McEnaney or talk to your Sales Representative for more ideas! 


December 5, 2015

American Nurseryman's New Plants for 2016

American Nurseryman

Even though it's only December, we all know that the retail season for 2016 is quickly approaching. Bailey Nurseries has been actively speaking with trade media to introduce new varieties for 2016. First Editions® Plants has some incredible new selections available at retail, and American Nurseryman highlighted three of our favorites: Ruffled Red Magic™ Crape Myrtle, Pink Sparkler™ Spirea and Blue Puffball™ Vitex. Want to learn more about these exciting new introductions? Click HERE for more information!