St. Paul, Minn. (Spring 2012) – Commercially, roses are grown two ways: budded or own root. Both growing techniques offer professional growers different advantages. But, for the home gardener, there can be a difference in performance.

Budded Roses

Budded roses are grafted onto a different rose rootstock. If the rose dies back to the ground in the winter, the spring season can bring a big surprise. After a tough winter, budded roses can come back as the rose rootstock and not the originally purchased budded rose. For example, you may have purchased a beautiful yellow rose that returns as an unwanted pink color.

Root Roses

Own Root roses are grown, just as it sounds, on their own root. They’re hardier and will survive winters with little care. In almost any climate, what you see is what you get. Own root roses always remain true to the originally

purchased rose. There are no issues with color changes, so you can enjoy your rose year after year.

Caring for your own root roses during the winter is easier too. With own root roses you don’t need to worry about covering with cones or burying your roses using the Minnesota Tip technique. In most cases, hardy own root roses can survive winter die back to the ground. Strong root systems allow the plant to grow back from the root in the spring.

All Easy Elegance® Roses are grown naturally on their own roots. And, to ensure that each plant is exceptionally disease resistant, there are no chemicals used in the breeding or evaluation programs, absolutely none. In fact, years before selection into the Easy Elegance Rose program they undergo rigorous testing. This includes purposely inviting diseases such as powdery mildew and blackspot. Any roses that show signs of problems are quickly eliminated well before you see them.

With the Easy Elegance Rose Collection, roses are no longer fussy plants that require the use of chemicals to keep them healthy. They’re so easy to grow, they’re guaranteed for two full years*.

Look for the entire Easy Elegance Rose Collection at better garden centers nationwide. For more information on the entire Easy Elegance Rose collection and the two-year guarantee log on to