David Roberts selected to lead the recently acquired Plant Introductions, Inc.

St. Paul, MN (January 4, 2016) – Bailey Nurseries today announced that David Roberts has been hired as the General Manager and Breeder for Plant Introductions, Inc. Roberts will manage day-to-day operations, lead breeding direction and coordinate breeding objectives for the company with Bailey Nurseries management and PII consultants Dr. Michael Dirr, Mark Griffith and Jeff Beasley. Roberts will be based at the Watkinsville, Georgia facility, which was acquired by Bailey Nurseries in 2015.

“David is bringing great knowledge and energy to PII,” said Bailey Nurseries President Terri McEnaney. “That strong combination of experience and enthusiasm expands the opportunity for PII to continue bringing top quality, groundbreaking genetics to market.”

Roberts has a master’s degree from North Carolina State University in Horticultural Science with a concentration in Ornamental Plant Breeding. Over the last several years he has worked as a graduate student with Dr. Dennis Werner and Dr. Tom Ranney where he developed a passion for ornamental plant breeding and propagation. Roberts’ work at PII will be focused on producing cultivars through research, genetic improvement and innovative hybridization in accordance with the plant breeding strategies set forth by the Bailey Nurseries/PII ownership and Plant Development team.