A Solid Foundation

JumpStarts greenhouse

A successful landscape plants starts with strong propagation technique and understanding, and Bailey Nurseries' propagation team is second to none. Our facilities are split between Minnesota and Oregon, each with some of the industry’s best propagators.

The Nord Farm in Minnesota grows over 4.5 million tree and shrub seedlings annually in our outdoor seedbeds, while over 10 million evergreens and ornamental hardwood and softwood cuttings are rooted in our 22 acres of greenhouses. These plants go on for customer sales or are grown on internally as cuttings, bareroot plants or JumpStarts®; we use the exact same plants in our own production as we send to you!

Our Yamhill, Oregon propagation facility currently has more than 10 acres of greenhouse space, where we grow over 5 million cuttings = each year. Additionally, we have 15 acres of seedbeds in Oregon where 2.2 million seedlings are produced annually. That means between both facilities, we are propagating over 20 million plants each year!

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JumpStartsJumpStarts PlugJumpStarts® in our greenhouse facility and an individual liner
Variegated Dogwood and Goldflame Spirea Rooted Cuttings