First Editions Plants

Are you interested in supplementing your product offering with some of the most recognized, highest quality plants on the market?

Bailey Nurseries is known for our revolutionary breeding partnerships and new plant introductions available to licensed network growing partners. Listed below are the consumer brands and proprietary genetics we own.

Branded plants carry a premium price that carries through to the end consumer, allowing you to capitalize on brand recognition to earn higher profit margins while also utilizing varieties that undergo strict testing to ensure longevity in the landscape. If you are interested in becoming a grower of licensed varieties, please click here to contact us for more information.

Endless Summer Hydrangeas

The world’s first and best-selling collection of reblooming hydrangea, Endless Summer® can be found across North America and around the world. Blooming summer through fall, these gorgeous garden hydrangeas have revolutionized the landscape and reinvigorated the international popularity of the species. At this time, we are not soliciting new growers.

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First Editions® Selected for Success™

First Editions Plants

This collection of shrub, tree, perennial and evergreen offerings have been Selected for Success™ after multi-year trials and consumer demand research. With a consistent flow of new genetics being introduced to market, First Editions® is a rapidly growing consumer brand that will give your offering a broad palette for warm to cold climates.

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Easy Elegance® - Roses you can grow™

Easy Elegance Roses

With the Easy Elegance® Rose Collection, you can have hardy, disease-resistant, chemical-free roses without all the effort and attention. And it all results in beautiful hardy roses that bloom all season long in a variety of colors.

We do offer limited licenses to select growers on these roses that are remarkably easy to propagate and grow. All roses grow well from rooted cuttings, and because they are all on their own roots, no budding is required.

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Bailey Proprietary Plants

We also offer licenses for other proprietary genetics to augment your product line. We can provide you with stock plants of rooted cuttings or bareroot material to get you started.

and a list of genetics available for licensing.