Success From The Roots Up

Bareroot Storage

We’ve been growing exceptional bareroot nursery stock since 1905 while always keeping an eye on the future

Tree Production Tree production at our facilities in Oregon.
    From propagation through shipping, each plant is managed by experts in their field: highly-trained, innovative growers achieving the best quality; inventory employees that hand-grade each individual plant to satisfy The Bailey Grade; and our sales team that offers the best advice for your particular growing situation. Since we are our own largest supplier of liners, we know what works and supply only the best of the best. We are your peer in growing, and truly appreciate the ability to share and learn from each other. At each touch point, our employees have your success top-of-mind, from plant to plant.

    Production diversity: Minnesota and Oregon growing locations.

    Nursery stock couldn’t ask for a better start.

    Minnesota and Oregon couldn’t be more different, but their climatic differences mean highly variable growing seasons. We hear it about our Minnesota winters all the time: “I can’t believe you live in that cold,” and “How do you guys do it?” What people don’t realize, though, is how strong and hardy we are here in the Gopher state. It’s what makes Bailey Nurseries plants the toughest and most reliable, just like our people. It gives us the ability to grow true, hardy nursery stock that you can rely on time and time again. And hey, if it gets too chilly in winter we can always go warm up in that time-tested cold storage that keeps our plants…cool. Hey, wait a minute?!

    Yamhill and Sauvie Island, Oregon provide the perfect complement to the extremes of Minnesota. Nestled in among the many wineries and nut farms (we mean that nicely), our farms are scattered in some of the most fertile ground the region has to offer. Here we round out our assortment and take advantage of the longer growing season so that we can produce and craft each plant to meet the needs of our growers.

Yamhill Production

Growing purposely: It Takes Time to Get It Right.

The attention to detail that comes with growing our plants starts with our own propagation stock. No one is harder on our plants than we are, but that is what it takes to make sure the best plants are used consistently from beginning to end. The difference between strong, vigorous liners are easy to see from a mile away once in production, and every plant that ends up in every hole and every container deserves to be the best it can be.

Our growers get it, and they know you do too. Nothing comes easy in this business, but through meaningful and thoughtful production approaches and constant learning by our people, their talents shine through so that your order is as perfect as it can be. We learn from ourselves and from our customers every day. That’s why we love to do what we do!

Container Fields

Grade it out: The Bailey Advantage.

Bolster your bottom line with plants that are designed to exceed expectation. Beefy liners mean value you can count on and results you can trust to bring your profitability up to where, just maybe, that vacation you were hoping for will come sooner than later.

There’s only one way to find out. We want you to see for yourself.

Celebrate diversity: A range of liner options for any growing situation.

Our reputation is built on more than quality. We pride ourselves as a grower than understands growing, and that is reflected in the assortment of plants we offer.


No matter if you are a large shade tree grower in need of larger, branched sizes or a grower who prefers a younger whip so you can supervise its training in the early stages, we have options for any situation. We even have seedlings!

Shrubs | Vines | Roses

Here is where it really gets fun! A good container program relies on a quality field liner and, just like our tree program, you can select from a range of sizes to match your own program. Or we will work with you to develop one that fits your needs. From rooted cuttings to one, two and three year programs that also feed our container operations, you can count on a consistent plant year after year.

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