Bailey Innovations™

At Bailey, we work hard to make sure we offer the best that breeders from around the world have to offer. Our plant development team searches the globe for unique plants from talented breeders. This year is no exception with the introduction of First Editions® Berry White™ hydrangea which was developed by our friends at Pépinières Renault in France. As Barry White himself said: “I'm so thankful that you’re mine, your sweetness is my weakness.” We agree Barry, we agree.

PII partners First Editions® Berry White™ Hydrangea

Some of the coolest new plants this year came from our breeders at Bailey Innovations™. The newest introduction into the Endless Summer® brand, Summer Crush™ is a complete game changer and brings its unique raspberry-red color to a strongly blue and violet collection. We’ve watched this plant for years in Georgia and its unique color, compactness, and ability to rebloom are exceptional.

We will be sharing more photos as the new Bailey Innovations™ facility is developed. Our breeding team is hard at work creating new opportunities.

PII partners Bailey Innovations™ team: Justin Schulze, David Roberts, Oren McBee.

Bailey Innovations™ commitment to get it right is evident when you look at the tremendous success of Endless Summer® and First Editions®. Bringing the very best genetics to market, either through one of our consumer brands or partnering with others on new plants has always been one of our hallmarks. Having a new facility near Athens, Georgia to extensively breed and trial possible plants for introductions only enhances our commitment to bring you plants you can sell with pride and confidence.