Endless Summer® The Original Bigleaf Hydrangea

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Bailmer' PP15,298

A Bailey Nurseries introduction, The Original is a mop-head type hydrangea with the unique ability to bloom consistently on both old and new wood. The result is a plant that provides beautiful flowers all summer long. The flowers grow up to 8" in diameter, with pink blooms in alkaline soils and blue blooms in acidic soil. Since The Original blooms on new wood, removal of spent flowers will encourage rebloom. (CPBR2305, C®)

Plant Specs

  • Zone:4-9
  • Bloom cycle:Everblooming
  • Height:3-5'
  • Exposure:Full Sun to Part Shade
  • Width:3-5'
  • Petal count:
  • Flower color:Pink to blue
  • Flower form:

Culture Sheets

Summer Crush® Culture Sheet
BloomStruck Culture Sheet
The Original Culture Sheet
Twist-n-Shout Culture Sheet
Blushing Bride Culture Sheet

North American Growers

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