Bushel and Berry™ Perpetua® Blueberry

Vaccinium 'ORUS-61-1’' PP24,209

Perpetua® is unique in that the new growth produces flower buds that proceed to break bud without winter dormancy and then flower and ripen late-summer into a fall crop. While many blueberries will produce a few fruit in the fall on 1-2 buds at the tip of the new growth, 'Perpetua' will flower on up to 4-6" of the new growth. An attractive combination of dark green and glossy leaves on a vigorous, vase-shaped, compact plant.

Plant Specs

  • Zone:4-10
  • Bloom cycle:
  • Height:2.5'
  • Exposure:Full Sun
  • Width:2'
  • Petal count:
  • Flower color:Creamy white
  • Flower form: